Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Honoring my Father

I have inherited many things from my Dad: his apparent lack of chin and the resulting facial hair, the Lefko**** double knee, his fear of having our full last name floating around the internet, his cynicism towards todays Judaism (I prefer "Kofer", by the way, never "Apikores") and, of course, Psoriasis (which I still think can be treated by a Cohain as described somewhere in Leviticus). This is my way of giving back. Dad, you suggest I start a blog, and within hours, I'm bloggin' like it's my job.
Before we get started, I would like to explain both the title of this blog and my blogger identity.
So "A few brief announcements" is probably very familiar for any current UMD hillel goers. As official Gabbai 1, my main job, besides yelling page numbers louder than Gus Johnson (that's Gus Johnson reference number 1), is to make announcements immediately following services. I begin these announcements, as past Gabbais have before me, with stating that I have a few brief announcements. Clearly, after day 3, maybe 4, the general congregation knows that I am getting up to speak after praying for one reason and one reason only. To make brief announcements. Yet, I continue to tell everyone that I will be making a few brief announcements just moments before those very announcements are made. Why don't I just make the announcements without the pregame speech? Unclear.
Other Blog titles that didn't make the cut:
1. In Gad we Trust, Oh my Gad!: I decided against making the obvious "Gad"-"God" connection.
2. This is me Blogging
3. Running Diary: that's a tribute to the Sports Guy.
4. Gadi's Blog: I can be simplistic. But I chose not to be.
A name like Gedalia can be hard to pronounce for those non-Chosen people. Luckily, my parents decided to give me a mobster nickname to help me out a little. Needless to say, Gedalia stayed on all the official forms. So on the first day of school every year, or in any other situation where a poor non-Hebrew speaking individual was forced to say my name outloud, they went with the "soft g" option, or: Jedalya. Great. After wiping away the tears, my voice would tremble from the back of the class room "Call me Gadi!". At which point I would have to spell that, and we could get on to Yanky Lemberger.
Other potential Blogger names:
1. GAL: Yup. Those are my initials. Gedalia A**** Lefko****, named for my late Great-Grandfather Rabbi Gedalia A**** S********, or "Papa S********". I've always thought there should be a club for people with embarrassing initials. I know for a fact there are bunch of ASSs around. I guess Papa would've been in it too.
2. HaBen shel David: That's a tribute to my Dad, the inspiration of this blog, as well as to my bro who introduced me to the song with that title. I decided it was too Messianic to be a good blogger name
3. Cousin Freddy: So, I was always second-in-command when I would chill with my neighbor friends. When the occassion was right for an afternoon game of Berenstein Bears, I wasn't quite worthy of Brother Bear, but I was definitely more important than Too Tall. And no, there was no Sister Bear. We abided strictly by the "No Girls Allowed Club". We had no qualms with double daring either.
So that's what I got for today. I think I am gonna focus on one or more of the following subjects: God, Judaism, sports, politics, and fashion. And no, I'm not kidding about the fashion thing.
You'd be surprised.


sam said...

1)too tall was a saint and played more of an influence on the lives of children than big bird ever did

2)suggestions for rants: do you PlEAt in your pants?, If god had a name what would it be and would u call it to his face, yeah yeah yeah, Utility infielder vs. kickoff specialist

Steven said...
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Dov L said...
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Call me "Gadi" said...

Yeah. So i had to delete two comments. They were too long. No offense. Lets keep it normal.

Pauly said...

you said this is gus johnson reference #1...but then no more
very dissapointed

The Mink said...

Mar David once killed a bear with his left hand while doing hagbah with his right and at the same time continuing in his role as my personal scout for recruiting young female talent at shul ... Gedalia, Welcome to the deranged world of blogging. Keep on trucking ... good stuff.

mamamia said...

What was in the two deleted comments????